Rep. Carl Rosenquist: Parent an impressive candidate for Senate

Recently, I campaigned with Corey Parent in Georgia.  He is a great candidate for one of the Franklin County Senate seats.  I have known Corey for four years.  We have served in Montpelier together over the last two years.  His focus, energy and depth of knowledge on the issues is impressive.  He worked very hard, with other Republican members to keep Vermont affordable.  This is a difficult task when we are in the minority.  In spite of this, Corey worked to reach across the isles to build a coalition to move certain issues forward.

I was proud to serve with Corey and look forward to supporting his efforts in the State Senate.  Please join me in voting for Corey Parent and Randy Brock.


Isaac Cioffi: Proud to Support Parent and Toof!

I am proudly writing this letter in support of Corey Parent for State Senate and Casey Toof for State Representative.  As a young Vermonter, I am dedicated to building my life here and to someday raising a family here.  I want to give back to this community because it has done so much for me.  Corey and Casey get that because like me this community built them and they've spent a lot of their adult lives giving back.  Whether it is in the political realm or coaching youth sports.  These guys get it.  They know what makes St. Albans and Franklin County move. 
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John Winters: Corey Parent has talent we need in Montpelier

We in Franklin County are lucky to have a fine young man such as Corey Parent running for the Vermont State Senate.  He will bring youthful enthusiasm and energy to the job, plus plenty of maturity and life experience.  He has proven himself with the great job that he did while a member of the Vermont House of Representatives.  As our new Senator, he will be able to hit the ground running with no learning curve.  I would not be surprised if one day we will see Corey Parent become Governor Parent.  First, we need to make him Senator Parent!  Please join me in voting for Corey Parent to be our next Franklin County Senator.

Jesse Woods: Corey will be a champion for us!

I've been paying close attention to the campaign for State Senate, and it is clear to me that Corey Parent is the best choice to represent Franklin County and Alburgh today, tomorrow and well into the future.

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Bill Rowell: Brock and Parent Best Team for Franklin County Senate

I am writing to support both Randy Brock and Corey Parent for state senate. We need qualified people who are capable of making good decisions and demonstrate a willingness to work on our behalf. We need people in the legislative arena who will fight for economic growth and support our Vermont industries that can drive that growth. I have had the pleasure of working on legislative issues with both of these gentlemen, each has the experience to get things done.

Please join me in voting for Randy Brock and Corey Parent on Tuesday, November 6th

Jessica Real Holmes: Parent & Toof Best for Our Generation

I often hear politicians talk about the need to keep young Vermonters here. I can tell you what we need to stay in Vermont. We need Vermont to be more affordable, and we need more economic opportunity. These are among the many reasons I am supporting Corey Parent for State Senate and Casey Toof for State Representative. 

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Chad Kennison: Corey Parent has my vote!

I'm the fourth generation to work in our homegrown Franklin County Business.  Our business has grown and employed dozens of people all around Franklin County.  We often don't like what we see out of Montpelier as their policies make it harder for us to do business here and less affordable for our employees to live here.  
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Peter Magnant: Corey Understands The Issues We Face

I'm supporting Corey Parent for Franklin County Senate.  Corey understands Vermont's affordability crisis.  He has seen many of his classmates leave Vermont for better opportunities out of state.  

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Brian & Penny Dubie: Parent & Brock Best Team for Franklin County

Franklin County and Alburgh are lucky to have two seats in the Vermont State Senate.  This means we can elect two leaders that complement each other and provide the best representation for our communities.  This election we believe the best Senate team for Franklin County and Alburgh is Randy Brock and Corey Parent.  
Randy and Corey would both bring the same core Franklin County values to the Senate.  Hard work, dedication, and integrity.  They'd work diligently to address our concerns of affordability, workforce development, responsible energy policy and so much more in the Senate.  
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Kalen Kane: Parent Best Choice for Young Vermonters!

I'm writing today to express my support for Corey Parent for State Senate. I've known Corey the last couple of years. I first met him when we coached my son in Hockey. It was as clear then as it is now the selfless dedication Corey has to our community. He easily spent between 10 and 20 hours a week coaching our kids - while maintaining his job and role in the Legislature. He gives back to Franklin County because he was raised here and appreciates everything this community did for him.

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Cody Hemenway: Parent has my vote

As a young father of two beautiful children, I often think about their future how we can build a better Vermont for them. I want them to have a quality education, I want them to have opportunities, and I hope that when they decide where to build there lives Vermont will be a place they can afford. 

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Rebecca Howrigan: This Dairy Farmer is Supporting Corey Parent for State Senate

I'm writing today to express my support for Corey Parent to be Franklin County and Alburgh's next State Senator. I've watched Corey represent the people of St. Albans over the past few years and liked the way he approached getting to know people and their concerns.  As a Senate candidate, I can tell you I appreciate the time he has spent getting to know the Dairy Industry and asking questions to learn more about what we do.


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COL (Ret) Dan Pipes: Parent best choice to be our next State Senator

As self-governing people in our constitutional republic, elections are our opportunity to choose who will represent us, - the people - in the Halls of Government for the next 2, 4, or even six years. Decisions made over the next two years in Montpelier will have implications that will last for decades. I look for leaders who are committed not only to our community but also have a pragmatic and attainable vision for Vermont.  

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Steve Trahan: Brock & Parent are best choices to keep taxes in check.

I want to thank Mr. Lynn for his August 31st editorial regarding the Vermont GOP. Indeed the GOP of Vermont is struggling to recruit candidates for statewide offices. And as Mr. Lynn wrote, if a party slips away, it is to the public’s disadvantage. Let’s take a quick look at what that disadvantage could be in the very near future.

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How we can address affordability crisis

Vermont’s Affordability Crisis is real, and it is the catalyst for me serving in the Vermont Legislature.  There may be some who don’t believe it – or think it is just about cutting spending and taxes – it’s not.  An affordable Vermont is a clear vision for the future of our state.  When I think about how we can make Vermont more affordable, there are multiple aspects of public policy that we need to address.  They range from making State Government more efficient and responsive to Vermonters all the way to workforce development.

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Lexy Laroe: Corey Parent Best Choice for Next Generation of Vermonters

It is no secret that Vermont has many demographic trends that are not working in its favor.  As a college student – I have many decisions to make shortly about where I will build my life and career.  Vermont has always been home to me – but the challenges from finding a career to affordable housing make it difficult to return home.  

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Building Coalitions to make Vermont more affordable

As I have been out on the campaign trail this summer, I have heard a lot of frustration that our elected officials don’t compromise and get things done for the public.  There are certainly times when compromise can’t be found but I have built a record working with administrations of both parties and as a member of the legislative minority to get things done for Vermonters

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Tyler Stanislas - Corey Parent Clear Choice for Affordable Future

I’m a young entrepreneur, active father, and husband to my wife.  I have little time to participate in politics but always endorse the best candidates for Franklin County and Alburgh. 

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Fighting for an Affordable Future

In 11 weeks the people of Franklin County and Alburgh will be heading to the polls to select who their next two State Senators will be.  After last week’s primary election the slate is set and the differences could not be clearer. 

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Best about Vermont

Special Session Update #2

Right now we are hearing a lot about a Government shutdown in Montpelier.  This argument is being forwarded to make a political argument but not one of reality as last year we brought the session and budget to a close in the last 10 days of June.  Now, I do agree the quicker we can come to a solution the better off all Vermonters are.  A resolution still looks to be a couple of weeks away.   

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Special Session Update #1

The Vermont Legislature was called back to Montpelier on Wednesday of last week but most of the heavy lifting will take place this week and potentially next.   The budget and tax bill were initially supported by members from across the political spectrum and many have asked me why then, would the Governor veto the budget and tax bill and call a special session to resolve these matters?

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Corey Parent & Dylan Giambatista: Reaching across the aisle

How many times have you heard it said that politics in Vermont is different from other states? We’ve all read stories that seem to set our collaborative tradition apart from Washington, D.C. Most point to the scale of our small cities and towns as evidence that we are different, and that our political speech can and will remain so. But ultimately, it’s hard to engage with the social media swirling around Montpelier debates without drawing the conclusion that we have become less civil, and that there may be no turning back. We write to challenge and reverse this trend.

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Georgia Selectboard discusses water quality with Parent


Messenger Staff Writer

GEORGIA – The Georgia selectboard welcomed a surprise visit from state representative and state senatorial candidate Corey Parent, R-St. Albans, during their regular meeting Monday night.

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Corey Parent announces bid for Vermont Senate

News Release — Corey Parent
March 13, 2018

Corey Parent:

St. Albans – State Representative Corey Parent (R – St. Albans) announced today that he’s a candidate to represent Franklin County and Alburgh in the Vermont Senate.

“I want to thank the people of St. Albans for allowing me the honor to serve on their behalf for past four years. I also want to thank Senator Carolyn Branagan for her service to the people of Franklin County.” Parent said.

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Walters: Parent Launches Bid for Vermont Senate

cparent.jpgState Rep. Corey Parent (R-St. Albans) on Tuesday formally announced his bid for one of Franklin County's two seats in the Vermont Senate. The 27-year-old Parent touted his blend of youthful energy and legislative experience. He is in his second term in the House and is currently the ranking member of the House Energy and Technology Committee. 

His announcement comes one week after incumbent Sen. Carolyn Branagan (R-Franklin) declared at her town meeting in Georgia that she would not seek reelection. Parent launched his campaign with a show of political strength: A press release he issued included endorsements from the district's other incumbent senator, Randy Brock (R-Franklin), and Brock's predecessor, Dustin Degree, who left the Senate last year to take a post in Gov. Phil Scott's office. 

In the press release, Degree praised the Senate hopeful as "a strong and consistent voice" in representing his constituents and their values. Brock, who was appointed by the governor in December to serve out Degree's term, noted Parent's "keen understanding of the issues facing his generation and our state." 

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