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Senate Update #3: Paid Family Leave

Paid family leave took up a lot of time during last year’s legislative session and was brought up numerous times during the 2018 campaign.  This past week the administration and the legislative majority both outlined their plans for establishing a paid family leave program during this legislative session.
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Senate Update: Governor Scott is correct. We must address our demographics

Last week, the Governor, in his inaugural address laid out a clear vision for this session and the future of Vermont. It is a broad vision that I believe all Vermonters can agree with - an affordable & prosperous future, strong schools and economic opportunity for all. The challenge now for the legislature is to figure out how over the next few months we can find common ground and move towards this ultimate vision. As we work in that direction, legislators need to ask themselves: Will this help us reverse our negative demographic trend and allow us to grow Vermont?

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Senate Update: Preparing for the Session

I’ve spent the majority of my free time over the past few weeks catching up on some books sitting on my “to read” shelf.  While there hasn’t been much free time between being with family, work, meeting with constituents and preparing for the upcoming legislative session – I have been able to read two books that span various challenges of 5 different leaders and how they rose to meet their respective problems.  One being, Promise Me Dad by Joe Biden, and other is Doris Kearns Goodwin’s latest book on Leadership that uses four Presidents; Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson as case studies of leaders and how they faced adversity and addressed theirs and quite frankly our nation’s most trying and historically defining moments.  Kearns Goodwin argues that each of these leaders was raised and tested throughout their early years to harden them and give them the character needed to address the fundamental transformations they brought to our nation. 

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