Peter Magnant: Corey Understands The Issues We Face

I'm supporting Corey Parent for Franklin County Senate.  Corey understands Vermont's affordability crisis.  He has seen many of his classmates leave Vermont for better opportunities out of state.  

Corey himself had those same opportunities but he has chosen to stay in Vermont to raise his family.  He wants his children to grow up like he did and knows things must change or they may not be able to afford to stay in Vermont.  Corey wants to make Vermont more affordable so some of his classmates can return to Vermont to raise their families.  

Corey also understands that the people who live in the town know best what their town needs and what it doesn't need.  Corey has made several trips to Franklin and other neighboring towns to hear what we have to say and why it is important to us.  When my Franklin County Senator stands up in the State House to speak on our behalf I want someone who actually listened to us and understands our concerns.  That's why I am hoping you will join me in supporting Corey Parent to be our Alburgh and Franklin County State Senator.  

Peter Magnant

Franklin, VT

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