Kalen Kane: Parent Best Choice for Young Vermonters!

I'm writing today to express my support for Corey Parent for State Senate. I've known Corey the last couple of years. I first met him when we coached my son in Hockey. It was as clear then as it is now the selfless dedication Corey has to our community. He easily spent between 10 and 20 hours a week coaching our kids - while maintaining his job and role in the Legislature. He gives back to Franklin County because he was raised here and appreciates everything this community did for him.

As a younger Vermonter, I find it is essential that we have someone who can speak for us in State Government. Someone we are comfortable talking to. Corey is that person. Just this past summer after months of trying to get internet hooked up to my house in Sheldon, I reached out to Corey, and he was able to make a few calls, and a few days later our provider was at our home making sure we had access to high-speed internet.

Corey is running for the Senate because he wants to make sure Franklin County has every opportunity we had growing up and more for our kids. Franklin County will be well served with Corey Parent in the Senate - he will be our homegrown voice there. Please join me in voting for Corey Parent.

Kalen Kane

Sheldon, VT

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