Jessica Real Holmes: Parent & Toof Best for Our Generation

I often hear politicians talk about the need to keep young Vermonters here. I can tell you what we need to stay in Vermont. We need Vermont to be more affordable, and we need more economic opportunity. These are among the many reasons I am supporting Corey Parent for State Senate and Casey Toof for State Representative. 

Corey and Casey grew up with me, and they've faced the same challenges I've faced, and our whole generation has faced. They've been committed to your community through service on public boards, in the legislature and coaching our kids in youth sports. There is more to them than that though; they best understand the issues facing young Vermonters. They're both raising young families, and they are both employed in the private sector. They will work tirelessly to reduce our tax burden, expand our workforce and promote policies that allow businesses to grow here.

They know how to work hard, like me they were raised in hard-working families below the tracks in St. Albans. Everything they have, they've earned, and we're lucky they're willing to put their energy into helping our State and community. I'm optimistic about the future of our State if we have leaders like Corey and Casey representing us. They will bring a perspective and set of life experiences desperately needed in both chambers in the legislature. Please join me in voting for Corey Parent and Casey Toof in November.

Jessica Real

St. Albans City

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