Lexy Laroe: Corey Parent Best Choice for Next Generation of Vermonters

It is no secret that Vermont has many demographic trends that are not working in its favor.  As a college student – I have many decisions to make shortly about where I will build my life and career.  Vermont has always been home to me – but the challenges from finding a career to affordable housing make it difficult to return home.  

Corey Parent understands that.  He went to college in Northern New York and even working in New York City before returning home to St. Albans.  It was during his 2014 campaign for the house that I first met Corey and his efforts to make Vermont more affordable and grow our economy for everyone.  Over his four years in the House he has done just that and quite frankly the Senate needs a voice like Corey’s.  Corey not only provides a strong voice for our county but my generation.  
If you want to help find ways to keep and attract the next generation of Vermonters here, Corey Parent is the best choice for the State Senate this year.  He’s lived it, and he’s not far removed from the decisions I’m facing in the months and years ahead.     
Lexy Laroe 
Georgia, VT

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