Cody Hemenway: Parent has my vote

As a young father of two beautiful children, I often think about their future how we can build a better Vermont for them. I want them to have a quality education, I want them to have opportunities, and I hope that when they decide where to build there lives Vermont will be a place they can afford. 

When I look at the candidates running for State Senate - it is clear to me who I am going vote for. That is Corey Parent. I've known Corey since high-school. He's like me and my wife a local person trying to do right by their community and doing what it takes to give his son the same quality of life that we had growing up in Franklin County.

Corey understands what it's like to work hard. He came from a blue-collar family and works hard both in the legislature and in the private sector. He does his best to understand where his constituents are on the issues and that is clear from his way of campaigning through attending countless events and spending his evenings and weekends knocking on doors.

Corey is the best choice to fight for my family, your family and our communities. He is a strong, homegrown voice for all of us. Please join me in voting for Corey in November.

Cody Hemenway

Swanton, VT

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