Chad Kennison: Corey Parent has my vote!

I'm the fourth generation to work in our homegrown Franklin County Business.  Our business has grown and employed dozens of people all around Franklin County.  We often don't like what we see out of Montpelier as their policies make it harder for us to do business here and less affordable for our employees to live here.  
It's time for a new generation of leadership in the Vermont State Senate, and that is why I was so happy to see Representative Corey Parent step up and run for the Senate when senator Carolyn Branagan decided to retire this spring.  In the House, Corey fought for policies to make Vermont more affordable, policies to help employers grow jobs and policies to combat our opioid epidemic.    
Corey has shown that he will fight for everyone and do what he can to help grow our economy and make Vermont more affordable.  He will fight for Franklin County values and stand up to the Burlington Progressives.  That is why I am proud to support him, and I ask that you join me on election day to do the same. 
Chad Kennison

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