Building Coalitions to make Vermont more affordable

As I have been out on the campaign trail this summer, I have heard a lot of frustration that our elected officials don’t compromise and get things done for the public.  There are certainly times when compromise can’t be found but I have built a record working with administrations of both parties and as a member of the legislative minority to get things done for Vermonters

That was exemplified that in just my second term in the Vermont House I was made Ranking Member of my committee.  In that role – I worked with my committee members where from a political perspective I was outnumbered 6 to 2 – to help pass legislation that made Vermont more affordable for businesses and Government better and more efficient for everyone.
When Governor Scott was first elected Governor, he issues three executive orders that the legislature had to review.  They were all issues to reorganize State Government to make is more efficient and work better.  Two were rejected by the legislature, and one was passed.  The one that passed was the Agency of Digital Services which I spoke about last week.  By working with the Scott Administration and Legislative leadership, I was able to help build and maintain a level of communication that allowed my committee chair and ultimately the Speaker of the House to become comfortable with the proposal.    By working with the Administration and helping them communicate better with Democratic Leadership in the House, we were able to make this improvement which has saved Vermont taxpayers millions of dollars already and more to come.  
I’ve also been able to work across party lines to help pass legislation to encourage investment in Vermont to save and create more jobs.  One example of this is with the SMEEP (Self-Managed Energy Efficiency Program) which up until July only pertained to Global Foundries.  We needed to address many concerns here – one being many of Vermont’s largest employers had maxed out what they could do from an electrical energy efficiency standpoint but were still investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into Efficiency Vermont.  Efficiency Vermont didn’t want to see any resources from the work they do go away.  Through listening to concerns from both sides and building a case and communicate with my colleagues in the House and the Scott Administration - I was able to help slowly turn no votes into yes votes and even had Efficiency Vermont endorse our proposal before it left committee.  Ultimately – we got a bill that passed the House unanimously and the Senate before becoming law.  Now some of Vermont’s most significant employers can have more flexibility in how they invest in energy efficiency – making them more competitive in the global marketplace.  
I talk about these examples because when the legislature returns to Montpelier in January, we need Representatives and Senators who can and will fight for the values we hold dear in Franklin County and Alburgh but also have a track record in getting things done.  I’ve been able to do that in the House.  I’ve been able to work with the Scott Administration and the Democratic Majority to get things done to grow our economy, make Vermont more affordable and eliminate waste in State Government.  There are a lot of issues facing our State but with leaders willing to listen and work we can and will solve them – the Vermont way.    
Rep. Corey Parent
Candidate for State Senate

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