Steve Trahan: Brock & Parent are best choices to keep taxes in check.

I want to thank Mr. Lynn for his August 31st editorial regarding the Vermont GOP. Indeed the GOP of Vermont is struggling to recruit candidates for statewide offices. And as Mr. Lynn wrote, if a party slips away, it is to the public’s disadvantage. Let’s take a quick look at what that disadvantage could be in the very near future.

If the Democrats and Progressives regain their super-majority in Montpelier this November – enough seats to be able to override the governor’s veto – we’ll see their tax increases coming at us from all directions. We can count on a carbon tax on everything from home heating fuel to gasoline. We’ll see a significant increase in property taxes, and we’ll see new taxes like a bike tax and maybe even a well-water fee. That's the power of a super-majority. The only party that can keep them in check is the Vermont Republican Party.

Fortunately, while the state party is going through some challenging times, the Franklin County Republican Committee remains strong. We have two excellent candidates for the Senate, incumbent Senator Randy Brock, Vermont’s Rock of Gibraltarsavvy in the statehouse. If you are able to meet either of these two capable candidates, feel free to ask questions; you’ll get straight answers backed by common sense approaches, not fluff and generalities. Their continued presence in Montpelier is very important to making Vermont affordable and keeping tax increases in check.

To paraphrase Mr. Lynn, it’s in Vermont’s best interest not to let a single party (in this case the Democrats) rule in Montpelier. Keep that in mind when voting this fall. Will you be voting for higher taxes – or tax restraint? Vermont Republicans Brock and Parent are your choices to keep taxes in check.


Stephen Trahan

St. Albans



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