Brian & Penny Dubie: Parent & Brock Best Team for Franklin County

Franklin County and Alburgh are lucky to have two seats in the Vermont State Senate.  This means we can elect two leaders that complement each other and provide the best representation for our communities.  This election we believe the best Senate team for Franklin County and Alburgh is Randy Brock and Corey Parent.  
Randy and Corey would both bring the same core Franklin County values to the Senate.  Hard work, dedication, and integrity.  They'd work diligently to address our concerns of affordability, workforce development, responsible energy policy and so much more in the Senate.  
They would also bring a different set of skills that would compliment each other.  Randy's qualifications almost don't need mentioning, but Randy Brock is a thoughtful leader who brings a wealth of analytical skills, private and public sector experience.  Randy is well respected in the State House and will get results for us.  
Corey, on the other hand, is a young, up and coming leader within our community.  He's built a strong record as the State Representative from St. Albans fighting for an affordable Vermont and economic development.  In only his second term he was elected into caucus leadership and made Ranking Member of the House Energy and Technology Committee.  His work effort has been noted both in the legislature and in his business career.  He will work to make sure voices from every town, and every generation are heard in the Senate.  
Randy and Corey perfectly compliment one another, and we think they would make the best team for our county.  Please join us in supporting them both on or before November 6th.
Brian & Penny Dubie
Fairfield, VT

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